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Sustainable programs are also among the Association for the Healthcare Environment Performance Improvements Measures that allow you to track operational success metrics. Use the sustainable pest control best practices in this document to support sustainability program metrics.
This paper summarizes healthy building standards and how each of them address health and wellness in the built environment.
George Moxham was asked about the transition to a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management program at Glens Falls Hospital. Here is an edited transcription of that interview.
From improved scrub availability, to reduced costs, to enhanced infection prevention, Carroll Hospital has experienced tremendous positive results since deploying the Cintas Scrub Rental Program.
Antibiotic stewardship is now at the forefront of CDI prevention efforts because of the growing national focus on proper antibiotic use. This paper takes a close look at asymptomatic C. difficile carriers and provides recommendations for effective infection control.
As the debate around bed bug continues to evolve and further research brings to light new information about these pests, the prevention and management practices will also evolve. In the meantime, rest easy with a proactive approach and the advice of a trained pest management professional. 
This document presents many questions to be asked before making final purchasing decisions and describe how to find substantiated, unbiased answers to most of those questions on the EPA website.