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Five panelists discuss the similarities between nursing and environmental technicians, setting a culture of intraprofessional collaboration, the environmental management as an integral team member, and suggestions on improving collaboration.
Brian Lee, CSP, presents on the five attitudes of engagement, the four imperatives of a K.E.E.P. strategy, a vision for excellence and the brilliance of the basics.
Michael Lee Stallard discusses a framework for managing change.
Kelly A. Reynolds, PhD, presents on the 2013 trends in environmental hygiene, including magnitude of HAIs, primary pathogens, fomite contamination, pathogen tracking, mitigation strategies, and new UA research on soft surface sanitizer efficacy.
Pamela Jett gives a presentation on expanding your influence in today's health care environment.
Ruth Carrico and Timothy Wiemken give a presentation on assessing your facility's risk for Clostridium Difficile.
Three panelists discuss the factors that make a great environmental services department.
Kevin Sheridan presents on the Magnetic Culture, employee engagement, the key engagement drivers, and best practices on the most impactful drivers.
Three panelists discuss the impact of the patient experience.
A presentation on flooring solutions.
Cindy Paget and Lea Beach present on the challenges, development ideas, and resources for new leaders
This presentation provides an overview of Value Based Care and importance of HCAPS (voice of patient), overview of healthcare environment and risk of transmission, and review of current key guidelines for environmental infection prevention.
Using real-world examples, evaluate how effective collaboration, cooperation and communication can lead to better patient outcomes, reduced HAI, and improved patient satisfaction.
This presentation evaluates the infection risks associated with health care construction activity.