Signature Programs Overview

Is the environment of care part of your organization’s strategy to improve outcomes?

The clinical environment of care directly impacts perceptions of cleanliness and the prevention of health care associated infections (HAIs)—two key areas affecting a health care organization’s HCAHPS scores. Take measures to solidify your organization’s commitment to the environment of care and demonstrate a proactive approach to improving these important outcomes.

Your clinical environment needs a premier team. By cultivating a competent environmental services department, your organization can promote and have confidence in a trusted, well-maintained setting for patients, families, and staff.

What are you doing to ensure the right people get the right training?

AHE Signature Programs™ include a portfolio of premier credentials that establish expertise and produce reliable authorities in the environment of care. These programs deliver on the American Hospital Association’s commitment to assisting facilities in building operational efficiencies and providing patient value.

Prioritizing strategic performance improvement, and shaping the workforce of the future is paramount to maintaining relevance in today’s changing health care landscape. Take advantage of AHE offerings to promote an innovative care setting for your health facility.